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Cady Way Trail

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The "New" Cady Way Trail is a joint venture between the counties of Orange, Seminole, Oviedo and Orlando Utilities Commission.

In it's original form the trail ran for 6.5 miles, Stretching from the Fashion Square Mall to the Cady Way Park. But over the years it's been expanded considerably.

The "NEW" official trail head starts at the currently under construction Lake Druid Park, Which when completed will be a Mountain Bike Park. From there it runs along OUC's utility lines that wrap around the Baldwin Park neighborhood and border some older more depressed neighborhoods.


Official State Trail Guide

As it continues north east, the trail becomes more rural, still winding through neighborhoods, bust they are old and well established ones. The trees have grown over the years and now cover the trail with a nice canopy.

Around the 6.5 mile mark you will come to Cady Way Park. This is the first of two rest stations along this trail. It has rest rooms, water fountains, pick nick areas, a pool and baseball courts.

The trail for this period is two lane, a larger lane on the left for cyclists and skaters and a smaller one tot he right for walking and running. Of course, you do occasionally have people on the "wrong" side.

At the 12 mile mark the trail merges to one lane as you cross SR 436. At this point you are at the first major grade change. The "South Semoran Bridge. It's a nice suspension bridge and offers cyclists a chance to climb, and of course you can build up a considerable amount of speed on the down hill side.

The trail continues to wind along until you reach the second and final rest facility on the trail, Goldenrod Park, It's part of the and has restrooms and a water fountain.

From there you are now starting on the Cross Seminole Trail and it heads to the worst part of the trail, the Aloma Ave and Howell Branch Rd./Hall Rd. intersection. For some reason the trail changes from the east side of the road to the western side of the road here. So you have to cross not just Hall Rd./Howell Branch Rd. but then Aloma Ave as well. They are both very busy streets, not ones you can really "sneak" across. Be sure to use the pedestrian walk signals to get across and be patient, it can sometimes take a while for the lights to change.

After that the trail is mostly quiet and even more rural. Though none of it has the same canopy cover as the Orange County section, it's newer and better maintained.

The SR417 intersection is not so bad, it has a dedicated crossing light and though it's not as quick to change as the Bennett Rd. intersection, you can usually sneak across fairly easily.

The Trail continues along for another 3 miles rather the same as it has been. They have completed the pedestrian/trail bridge that crosses Red Bug Lake. The trail currently ends at West Broadway Street, they are working on extending it across W Broadway to connect you to the Cross Seminole/Wekiva Trail. But as of now that's the end of the trail.

If you like to take on a few extra miles I've found a few nice extensions that I always do, and when you combine them all it makes for a nice 40 mile round trip. Adding an additional 20 miles to the trails.

View Cady Way Trail - Extension in a larger map

Beginning from the newly added Orlando Urban Trail, you start where the railroad tracks cross Magnolia St. near the Ivanhoe intersection and follow the trail as it goes along the tracks up to Farris Ave. From here you can ride up through the Highland Park neighborhood on the Orlando Urban Trail. (I am currently mapping out an updated trail to work in the entire Orlando Urban Trail, Once its done I will update this article.) Make a left on to Webber St. and cross over Mills Ave continuing along following Webber until you reach Bumby Ave. You'll need to make a right onto Bumby and then your first left to Jamie Cir. Right through the neighborhood and make your first left on Coy dr. At the end of the road the county has just completed another short section of the Cady Way Trail that runs between Druid Lake and the adjacent neighborhood. It's a little sketchy looking here but harmless. You can follow this path all the way to the official trail head, it's very nice!

Once you are on the trail you will see just after Lake Baldwin Ln that you have the option to go straight or turn right. Going right will allow you to continue on the official trail. However, if you go straight you can take the Baldwin Park trail that loops around the lake. This will add an additional 4 miles to your ride. I usually do it twice, once at the start of the ride and once on the way home.

At the end of the trail, where they are currently working on the bridge, if you are brave you can cross Red Bug and SR426, follow the bike path that runs with the road for .34 miles, and you will see a small path off to the right. It's quite random and does not look like anything at all. But it is a nice little cycling/walking trail that continues up through Oviedo for an additional 2 miles before it ends at South Central Ave in "Downtown" Oviedo.

View Extended Downtown Orlando Trail in a larger map

The future plans to connect the trails to the Little Econ Trail and the Seminole Wekeiva Trail will allow riders to enjoy over 100 miles of connected trails across central Florida. It's quite exciting!!

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