Cycling alone can be a great stress reliever. It lets you think and gives you some much needed "You" time. I know first hand, I LOVE going out for my solo rides.

But if your not careful you can also get your solo butt into trouble. So I've compiled some comon sense tips to follow when your thinking of going out alone to make sure your solo ride is a safe and fun one!

It wasnt long into my cycling hobby before I learned about clipless pedals. After doing a bit of reading I decided to take the plunge and purchase a pair. At first it seemed beyond scary; I thought I would just fall over at every stoplight! But with a bit of practice and watching a few videos online I turned the corner, and I can honestly say that I love being "clipped in".

This is a detailed video on how to perform a cleaning of your bike chain as well as all the gears. 

Get your bike looking like new and running better than its ever run before!

In this video we will demonstrate how you remove an old saddle (or bike seat for you new kids) and install a new one!

Ever wanted to take your bike with you on a trip but were unsure if you could, or how to do it? Or maybe you were just afraid of the TSA and the airlines destroying your precious baby... Well, I've done all the work and research for you on which airlines are bike friendly, what you need to know, and how to go about best protecting your ride as it makes the trip with you.

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