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Even thought the name says "mini", this multi-tool packs a mighty array of tools onto your ride, and weighing it at a mere 89g including the neoprene caring case (8g).

oTown Cycling's Rating:

3 Stars

My 2ยข:

Sporting 6 allen wrench sizes from 2mm to 6mm plus an included attachment that converts the 6mm to an 8mm wrench, a Phillips head screw driver and a T25 Torx wrench, there really is not a single thing on your bike you can't adjust on a ride that this thing can't handle.

The materials are plenty strong, made of extruded aluminum, so when you are really wrenching down on it to get that seatpost tight there is no need to worry about this tool breaking on you.

The included neoprene case has a loop in the back that makes it perfect for mounting to the seat post using the strap of your saddle bag. And don't worry about it falling out on those less than smooth rides, the flap has a velcro enclosure that is more than secure.

To sum it up, if your a pro, a weekend warrior, or just a casual rider the Topek Mini 9 is a great choice. And at $10 it's probably one of the cheapest things you will ever strap to your ride!


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