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If you ever have wanted to video or record on the go... you should GoPro!  This camera provides great features for any sport.  It has mounts for every conceivable use.  To make it all even better, they have now added a Wi-Fi remote!  Below is some information on the new product.  As I understand their may be some backwards compability issues or updates needed, but the size and ease of use are still at the top.  The small camera light in weight and size takes great images, and now with the remote you can set up multiple camera angles and control them with the wireless remote attached to your wrist like a watch.  No more need for a camera crew!  This divice is all yours to direct, film and edit.  Ive included some of the GoPro info about the Wi-Fi below.  Check out their site for some great videos!


Wi-Fi Remote:

  • Control up to 50 cameras a time, 600’ / 180m range
  • Full camera control: On/Off, Mode, Shutter, and Settings
  • Attachment strap, key ring, and charging cable included
  • Wearable & Waterproof to 10’/3m

GoPro App + Smartphone or Tablet (Coming Soon)

  • Control your GoPro(s) with your smartphone or tablet
  • Live preview & playback of videos & photos from your GoPro(s)
  • Wi-Fi transfer* footage from your GoPro to your smartphone or tablet and share with friends
  • Live stream your smartphone as a hotspot

Live Streaming + Sharing Directly from Your GoPro (Coming Soon)

Live stream video or share photos and videos directly to the web from your GoPro, wherever you have a network connection (coming soon).

What’s Included

  • Wi-Fi BacPac (with built-in Li-ion Battery)
  • Wi-Fi Remote (with built-in Li-ion Battery)
  • Remote Charging Cable
  • Remote Attachment Key
  • Remote Attachment Strap
  • Waterproof Backdoor
  • Non-waterproof Backdoor
  • 12” USB Charging Cable

For new updates visit the GoPro website


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Strava iPhone & Andriod App Review http://otowncycling.com/reviews/accessories/electronics/item/154-strava-iphone-andriod-app-review http://otowncycling.com/reviews/accessories/electronics/item/154-strava-iphone-andriod-app-review Strava iPhone & Andriod App Review

Built for cyclists, use Strava to record all your rides, analyze your performance and see how you stack up against friends, locals and pros. Set new personal records and beat your friends’ times!


oTown Cycling's Rating:

5 Stars

The Specs:

  • iPhone 3GS & 4+ compatible
  • Android 2.0+ compatible
  • Garmin - All Edge Devices (205, 305, 500, 605, 705, 800) & All Forerunner Devices (50, 101, 110, 201, 205, 210, 301, 310, 405, 410, 610)

The Good:

  • Excellent interface & layout
  • Very easy to use and see while riding
  • Achievement feature with leader-board is super fun
  • Very reliable and accurate mapping functionality
  • Online site integration is well done
  • Best design of any cycling app I've seen so far
  • **UPDATE** New version allows for INT+ integration for use with Heart Rate Monitors, Speed & Cadence Sensors and MORE!

The Bad:

  • No way to customize the view
  • Can't see current speed or information (All data is "ride average")
  • No way to upload info to social media from app, it can be done from their website

My 2¢:

I love this app. I think the designers did an amazing job on the interface and layout. I just wish they would team up with either iBike or one of the other case manufacturers to add the ability to mount the phone to the bike and integrate it with the accessories. That would automatically fix the issue with not being able to see your current speed, something that becomes a significant bother if your "Pulling".


On 5/24/2012 Strava released the latest update to the iPhone and Andriod App. Now Premium subscribers have the ability to link their ANT+ devices with the app, allowing you to monitor heart rate, speed, cadence and power! Thanks to Strava for this great update! Now, just give us the ability to change the active interface from "AVG Speed" to Current Speed" :-)

Strava Press Release:
We’re excited to report that the latest version of Strava Cycling offers support for ANT+ and Bluetooth LE sensors, including heart rate monitors, power meters, and speed/cadence meters, allowing you to stay on top of every element of your training.  And, Strava Premium members can now enjoy and maximize their favorite Premium features from their iPhone:

  • Filtered Leaderboards - Level the playing field and see where you rank among athletes in your own age and weight class
  • Detailed Heart Rate Zone Analysis - Dial in to your training and goals with heart rate zone distribution data
  • Suffer Score - Determine exactly how hard you’re riding and get credit for your intense workouts
  • Detailed Power Analysis - Gauge your effort and maximize the efficiency of your training with power zone distribution data

 Strava iPhone App

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Topeak Joe Blow Sport II Floor Pump http://otowncycling.com/reviews/accessories/pumps/item/150-topeak-joe-blow-sport-ii-floor-pump-review http://otowncycling.com/reviews/accessories/pumps/item/150-topeak-joe-blow-sport-ii-floor-pump-review Topeak Joe Blow Sport II Floor Pump


Topeak's Joe Blow Sport II quickly inflates tires thanks to its durable steel barrel and base, a tight-sealing aluminum thumblock head that fits Presta and Schrader valves as well as an oversized, padded handle. Plus, the easy-to-read gauge lets you dial in the perfect pressure every time!


oTown Cycling Rating:

4 out of 5 stars

The specs:

Model: Joe Blow Sport II
Retail price: $39.99

The Good:

  • Solid base
  • Good quality components
  • Long pump throw for fast and easy inflation
  • Easy to read pressure gauge with an adjustable indicator

The Bad:

  • A design flaw in the aluminum thumblock does not consistently depress the presta valve head. This causes the tire not to actually accept any pressure when you pump the handle. If your not paying attention you'll think your inflating the tire when your actually not.
  • No cover on the bottom of the solid metal base. Can potentially cause damage to your floor if your using it indoors.

My 2¢:

This is a great pump for a great price at only $30 retail. If Topeak could fix the issue with the inflator head and add say a cork or rubber bottom to the base it would be perfect!


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Topek Mini 9 Multi-Tool http://otowncycling.com/reviews/accessories/tools-maintenance/item/104-topek-mini-9-multi-tool-review http://otowncycling.com/reviews/accessories/tools-maintenance/item/104-topek-mini-9-multi-tool-review Topek Mini 9 Multi-Tool

Even thought the name says "mini", this multi-tool packs a mighty array of tools onto your ride, and weighing it at a mere 89g including the neoprene caring case (8g).

oTown Cycling's Rating:

3 Stars

My 2¢:

Sporting 6 allen wrench sizes from 2mm to 6mm plus an included attachment that converts the 6mm to an 8mm wrench, a Phillips head screw driver and a T25 Torx wrench, there really is not a single thing on your bike you can't adjust on a ride that this thing can't handle.

The materials are plenty strong, made of extruded aluminum, so when you are really wrenching down on it to get that seatpost tight there is no need to worry about this tool breaking on you.

The included neoprene case has a loop in the back that makes it perfect for mounting to the seat post using the strap of your saddle bag. And don't worry about it falling out on those less than smooth rides, the flap has a velcro enclosure that is more than secure.

To sum it up, if your a pro, a weekend warrior, or just a casual rider the Topek Mini 9 is a great choice. And at $10 it's probably one of the cheapest things you will ever strap to your ride!


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