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Amino Acids and their benefits or Carbs?  I'm no doctor so her goes my 15 years of experince in using and taking suppliments. 

Everyone knows that taking carbs before a race can help provide needed fast energy.  Racers in marathons will get up 3 hours before a race to eat a bowl of plain spegitti noodles, sweet potatoes or breads.  These foods provide quick and easily digestable carbs for a quick turn around of energy.  The down side is with any quick get me up also comes a quick get me down.  Eating high carb foods can also produce waist.  Anyone riding for over 3 hours knows the pain of needing to stop for a rest room break.  So what can we do instead of carbs?

Amino Acids have been around in suppliments for years.  Although we don't have solid proof that taking these in suppliments does amazing things we know that they do help.  Their are two types of Amino Acids.  Essential amino acids, which the body does not produce, and non-essential amino acids.  Amino acids are what your body uses to break down proteins.  They are believed to help increase muscle recovery and remove ammonia during exercise.  

Taking Amino acids can be just as beneficial as eating carbs.  You can naturally get your body to start breaking down fat, and using stored energy instead of trying to pump up your body with carbs and then crashing.  Amino acids such as Arginine cause your body to produce nitric oxide.  This helps increase blood flow to the body, which inturn can increase exercise due to faster recovery times.  Asparate can increase endurance training.  Taurine which you can find in drinks like redbull, it is a natural detoxifier.  You also have natural occuring amino acids "non-essential amino acids" in the body.  Leucine, glutamine, valine, isoleucine, you will find these in alot of protein drinks and suppliments.  These amino acids are believed to help reduce the feeling of fatigue, preventing muscle injuries, reducing recovery time and increases performance.

So with all this said you be the judge.  Just make sure that when your drinking a protein shake, you remember that if the synthetic protein your drinking dosent have the needed amino acids to break down and use that protein then what is the point.  If your body dosent have the amino acids needed to break down the protein it will never be used and pass through as waist or be stored as fat untill an amino acid is produced to break it down.

If anyone would like to add to this feel free... Again just like everything else amino acids are still being researched.  We do know that they help, but can everyone benefit from them?  Who knows?



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