Selle San Marco - New Millennium Saddle

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Selle San Marco Selle San Marco JDC


Lots of padding, affordable price, and average weight make this entry level saddle a good choice for beginning cyclists...


oTown Cycling's Rating:

3 Stars

The Specs:

Weight: 264g
Width: 130mm
Length: ??mm
Materials: leather cover, plastic base, aluminum rails

My 2¢:

The Selle San Marco New Millennium is a decent beginner saddle. It sports a leather cover, lots of padding and the cost is quite reasonable averaging around $25 to $30 on eBay

After spending about 400 miles on this saddle I can say honestly that this is an O.K. if you are going on short rides... an hour or so it is perfectly comfortable. After the hour mark however it will start to become uncomfortable. I attribute this to a few features of the saddle...

First: The shallow center channel, after an hour or so of riding the amount of pressure in that area starts to cause discomfort.

Next: The steep, sweeping sides. Selle is known for having more contoured sides to their saddles. But for me personally, even with my narrow hips (130mm) the angle on sides is just to steep.

Finally: The smooth supple leather, while nice and comfy, it results in a bit of slippage. So again, for the shorter rides it is not a problem. But after a while, it just causes to much discomfort and contributes to additional pressure on the "undercarriage". The simple addition of some stitching would have helped to prevent you from constantly sliding forward on the saddle.

To sum it up; If your just getting started and this saddle is on your ride you will be happy. The additional padding helps ease your butt into getting used to sitting on a saddle for hours at a time.
If you are a weekend rider or only ride for shorter periods, this is a perfectly worth while saddle. But if you ever find yourself progressing beyond this point, You will want to start researching something more advanced.

Check out our How To Video on removing and installing your saddle


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