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Don't let the name fool you, the Icon Graphite series seat post is not really graphite, its made of T6 Aluminum. Even still this seat post, at the right length, is strong competition for its carbon fiber competitors.

oTown Cycling's Rating:

3 Stars


  • Weight: 195g
  • Length: 250mm
  • Diameter: 27.2

My 2¢:

Measuring in at a trim 27.2mm and only 250mm in length, its no surprise the weight on this post is below 200g. The average carbon fiber post at 350mm is around 50g less, so if you don't need the additional length, this is a great option.

This stem has a single bolt rocker adjustment with a small set back of 30mm.

As you can expect with most posts in this category it's very stiff, with no perceivable flex. That also equates to significant transference of road vibrations. But that is to be expected with a stiff aluminum post.

The single bolt adjustment is standard in its function, but I found that the teeth on the bracket of this post to be to fine. So fine, that you have to use a LOT of force to tighten the bolt down to prevent the bracket from "jumping" when you go over a bump in the road.

To sum it up, this post is best for those who wants an aluminum post that is moderate in weight and price. But do not require any of the fine adjustments and features of the more expensive models.


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