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Lake Ivanhoe Trail & Gaston Edwards Park

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The Lake Ivanhoe Trail is located within the Gaston Edwards Park at 1236 N Orange Avenue and consists of a ten foot wide path along the east side of Lake Ivanhoe. Along with the new, wider path, new trash cans and benches have been installed in the park. A set of exercise stations has also been included in the updated park along the trail. The trail is approximately .75 miles long and will connect to the Orlando Urban Trail in two locations via sidewalks, one is along Magnolia Avenue and the second is at Highland Avenue.

It's Complete! The crews are done, the trail has been cleaned and the Lake Ivanhoe Trail is officially open for traffic! Its a great addition to the Orlando Urban Trail network, so be sure to check it out!

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Some of you may recall the plan to extend the trail on the west side of Lake Ivanhoe... That appears to have been was scuttled by Mayor Buddy Dyer in 2005 after some angry College Park residents voiced fears about problems with parking, traffic, water quality and crime. We've mapped out a route that you can take to loop around the lake. It's certainly not as nice as an official trail, but it will have to do for now.

Gaston Edwards Park is one of Orlando's most noticeable and popular parks. It is on Lake Ivanhoe and is visible from I-4 as part of the northern gateway to the City. The park borders the lake and is 6.2 acres in size. Edwards Park is popular with local water-skiing and jet-ski enthusiasts as well as sand volleyball patrons, picnickers and the local lunch crowd. The park is close to downtown on North Orange Avenue across from "Antique Row" and close to other popular shopping areas. Leashed pets are allowed at all City parks, but not in playgrounds or athletic fields. Please clean up after your pet.

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